About US

Located in Quatre-Bornes Audio Link Limited is a specialised shop where hearing aids are dispensed to people in need of assistive devices.

Audio Link Limited give totally unbiased advice on all hearing concerns leading to the prescription of the most appropriate type of hearing system to suit an individual’s needs. It is planned as a full-service area with several special offerings depending on the customer’s service demand.

Audio Link Limited manufacture hard and soft ear moulds, repairs all types and model of hearing aids (CIC, BTE, ITC, RIC, etc…). Audio Link Limited will provide a competitive edge against other hearing aid dispenser. The service package is designed for the customer’s vision and budget.

Audio Link Limited fully understand how daunting it can be for people facing up to hearing loss and our experience have allowed us to develop a system of high-quality professional hearing care to ensure we can meet the exact needs of our customers.

Audio Link Limited aim to dispense hearing aids with after-sales service, provide assistive devices, and a home delivery service for physically disable people at low prices to satisfy the demand of every different class of people. It is incorporated in the Centre of Mauritius owned and managed by 2 partners.

It has been set up according to all legal issues of Companies Act 2001. Audio Link Limited provides reliable and trustworthy services to each customer. We will inject new life into the hearing aid market to develop new and creative options.

Mission is to

–           Provide our customers with a service beyond their expectation at an affordable price.

–           Provide good customer care to all deaf and hearing impaired people in Mauritius.

Our Motto

A human touch for a better hearing